BEN.GAL is a design and build studio specializing in architecture, sculpture, fabrication and bringing complex and difficult-to-execute ideas to life in physical form.  In addition to architectural projects, we also develop installations, product, exhibitions, interiors, contract, and projects exploring the crossings of art and architecture.

The design and construction processes of BEN.GAL are rooted in the idea of experimentation, exploration, and play. We strive to create works that are interactive, dynamic, and bring a new level of experience to the people who encounter them. Through our practice, we seek to explore the boundaries of the physical and the psychological, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with form and space.
In addition to individual sculptures, BEN.GAL also creates large-scale sculpture commissions for public spaces, corporate and civic buildings, and private residences. Our projects often involve the creation of a unique design to fit a specific space or context, and we work closely with our clients to customize the design to their individual needs. We also provide consultation and construction services for projects that require a high level of craftsmanship and technical expertise.